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Unique Take on Classic 'Dream'

The Payomet Performing Arts Center is staging an innovative and entertaining production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."


The play opens with a rendition of the Billy Idol song "White Wedding." Hippolyta, played by an alluring Elizabeth Pryce Davies, belts out, "It's a nice day for a white wedding. It's a nice day to start again," and the talented troupe of actors is off on a two-hour, wildly energetic summer fantasy.


The multiple plot lines are deftly handled by the actors, most of whom play more than one part, and the minimalist inventive costume adjustments made by designer Carol Sherry. The sultry Davies, in the roles of Hippolyta and Oberon, plays opposite William Sturdivant  who, with his elegant delivery, appears born to play Shakespearean parts.


Mitchell directs a unique production of this classic play. It will deepen your enjoyment of the liberties he takes in his interpretation if you know the play well. But, if you don't, you will still have spent a delightful evening in company of the Bard and a richly talented group of actors.

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