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Elizabeth Pryce Davies

Director. Actor. Singer.

I'm a performing artist that has worked in independent film, music videos, voiceover, and have performed in classical, contemporary and musical theater from Minneapolis to London. I'm also a rock/blues and cabaret singer and have performed in NYC venues including CBGB's, The Duplex, Don't Tell Mama, Dixon Place, The Underground and The Cutting Room. I'm interested in subversive interpretations of classic plays, nontraditional casting, and unlikely protagonists.

XELLE's "Sweat" 
Elizabeth is a featured dancer in the celebrated girl group's new music video for their single "Sweat" from their album 'Queens.' 

Check out the video HERE

Fighting Shape 
An independent short feature written and directed by Meghan Scibona. Isabel re-kindles a friendship, reclaims her power, and gets into "FIghting Shape". 
Check out the IMDB page HERE

An independent short film written and directed by Casey Naranjo and prouced by Orangeleaf Films. Check out the IMBD Page HERE
Watch the trailer HERE

Elizabeth's directorial film debut.

This music video was created Ellen's Stardust Diner's employee fundraiser.  
Check out the video HERE

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